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19 Dec 2017 @ 06:00

I love her! I asked her a question and she got back to me within 5 minutes! She’s honest and caring!

- Sarah

17 Dec 2017 @ 05:42

Candy is truly the best i have been doing readings with her almost 1 year and she has always been accurate and right all along yes it does take time but eventually it will happen everything that she predicted did come true nit right away but it did happen as she said it would truly amazing and the best

- Linda

16 Dec 2017 @ 02:59

Julie, took the time to listen and gave feedback and at the same time was concerned about my feelings as well. I hope what she has given me is truly what will happen and what will be best for me.

- Jani

13 Dec 2017 @ 09:43

Thank you candy for the nice reading. I will wait for things that you predicted. Blessings

- Roaa

13 Dec 2017 @ 09:40

Thank you Katey for the reading, i will wait for things to happen as you said .

- Roaa

12 Dec 2017 @ 09:04

She was amazing ! I definitely recommend going to her , she knew my situation without me going into detail.

- Jaclyn Martinez

11 Dec 2017 @ 23:54

OMG! She knew my past even if I didn't tell anything about myself. She was spot on with all my past life. He prediction regarding my bf came true. She is my favorite now!!!

- Cindy

08 Dec 2017 @ 04:31

She was fast very accurate I hope everything she told me comes true blessings I highly recommend her she is amazing I will most definitely come back for another session ❤️

- Jessica

07 Dec 2017 @ 04:57

Blessings Christina thank you for everything now to wait praying for the best I place my self in Gods Hands Blessing too you!

- Jessica

07 Dec 2017 @ 02:25

She's Amazing without Much Detail she was right on the spot about what's going on I Recommend Her! Blessing to her

- Jessica

01 Dec 2017 @ 21:04

reading is good and fast n very sweet about the reading thank you

- Lupe

30 Nov 2017 @ 18:17

She is so quick and caring. Another great readings, she told me things which I didn't tell her. She is the best!!!

- Alyssa

30 Nov 2017 @ 00:08

OMG! Lisa you were so correct with prediction that he will call me today. Guess what he called me today and apologised over his behavior. We are together now. Thanks for your support!

- Amie

29 Nov 2017 @ 23:33

What’s funny is that, on November 18, you said he isn’t in the mood to see me & you said to move on & the other girl was creeping turns out, the reason why i missed seeing him at class that day is cause he was in the bathroom & we end up talking, also he is going to the trip with me.

- Michele

29 Nov 2017 @ 00:47

Not sure if what was said is accurate at all

- Gabby

28 Nov 2017 @ 22:47

I didn't give Julie much information in regards to myself and the topic in question but she was pinpointing exactly who was in my heart and mind. I'm amazed at her accuracy. Thank you Julie

- Andrea Budhu

27 Nov 2017 @ 17:47

Julie is so patient, I've been nothing but pain to her but she listened to me and provided me accurate readings. She was accurate with her prediction. She is a true personal psychic advisor.

- Susan

27 Nov 2017 @ 17:44

Janet has been spot on with her reading, predictions & timeframe. Thank you!

- Maya

26 Nov 2017 @ 00:13

Lisa is so amazing, she knew my past and surprised me with the details even though I didn't ask. Her predictions were spot on. She told the he is dating other girl and bingo I just found out he was indeed. Love you Lisa.

- Liyah

20 Nov 2017 @ 02:51

Candy was very nice and sweet

- Alexis