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01 Mar 2018 @ 03:40

Candy is truly amazingly gifted. So far everything she has told me is coming out ture. thanks so much candy is been amazing chatting with you.

- Gracie

01 Mar 2018 @ 03:36

Candy is the best. I had a little doubt in the back of my mind but so far everything she has told me it's becoming true. Candy is gifted and amazing.

- Gracie

27 Feb 2018 @ 10:14

really enjoyed reading with tiffany over past few months where her predictions have come to pass , just an update :) thankyou tiff ❤

- Nia Dewan

26 Feb 2018 @ 14:59

Candy is the best my fav by far been with her for 1 year and she has always been right and all her predictions have come to pass she is very gifted

- Linda

26 Feb 2018 @ 04:07

Lisa said we will reconnect I’m waiting to see if his come back to the house but one thing he called his father and wanted to see me on FaceTime but I said no if he really wana see me and talk to me he haves to come see me. But I feel like he try to come back because he has the keys to my house. But Lisa your a loving and carding person I’m still waiting on your predictions to come to pass still waiting. All of the pychics said the same that he will come back let’s just see.

- Jasmine

23 Feb 2018 @ 18:38

sheela is amazing is just tried her right now and ordered another reading from her ad i really felt connected with her. she is genuine and gifted

- Linda

23 Feb 2018 @ 15:19

Very nice sweet and concerned about helping people. She is very accurate with her readings.

- Alexis

23 Feb 2018 @ 15:17

Very accurate!!!!

- Alexis

08 Feb 2018 @ 05:25

Katey is such a compassionate reader. she does not sugar coat anything and tells you the truth on what you need to hear. she goes very in depth with her readings and is truly gifted when it comes to connecting to your spiritual energy. I was able to change by loving myself and acknowledging self worth and move forward because of her insight. thank you so much Katey!

- Alice

06 Feb 2018 @ 15:00

She is so sweet. Her predictions were so accurate. She said he will contact me next week and he did. Her prediction about my job change also pass.

- Louise

02 Feb 2018 @ 19:25

OMG!!! her predictions pass.

- Barbara

01 Feb 2018 @ 19:01

Lisa is so sweet and considerate. She gives most accurate advice and offers her help. Her predictions have been all spot on so far. All predictions pass.

- Aga

01 Feb 2018 @ 00:53

i am leaving another review as the prediction provided by Tiffany came true. genuine and good predictions with detailed analysis . recommend !!

- Nia Dewan

29 Jan 2018 @ 18:48

Very vague reply seems like I need to pay more. A bit disappointing to be honest

- Sophia

27 Jan 2018 @ 01:27

Christina is so sweet, humble,and caring. She is very descriptive. thank you Christina I will wait for your prediction to come true and get back to you when it does.

- Alice

25 Jan 2018 @ 14:50

I've only asked 1 question so far and she was bang on the mark bout my past. Has to be the best psychic on here so far.

- Meghann MAREE Rootes

22 Jan 2018 @ 04:55


- Amanda M

15 Jan 2018 @ 21:34

very detailed , quick response and spot onto my situation recommend tifanny !!

- Nia Dewan

14 Jan 2018 @ 03:17

Tiffany is amazing! not only is she incredibly detailed with her responses, but genuinely cares and is here to help you. thank you Tiffany I will wait for your predictions to happen.

- Alice

13 Jan 2018 @ 22:17

Tiffany is spot on and has a genuine gift ! Thankyou so much !

- Amanda Bouthiller