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Twin Flame Specialist, Know Their Thoughts And Feelings

I am a T.V and Radio Psychic, a natural born psychic with a third generation blood line, My psychic gifts were present from a young age and I was encouraged by my grandmother to use them with ease. I have been working with spirit as my main guides and also have experience in angel therapy and cards, as well as crystals and tarot. I fully believe in the power of nature and connect to my pagan guides to give the most accurate readings, Specializing in love and relationships. You will not be disappointed chat with me now and lets get you back on the right track.


Mediumship & Spirit World Connections
Crystal Ball
Twin Flames
Dream Interpretation
Angel Card
Tarot Reading
Lost Object
Love & Relationship
Past Life
Same Sex Relationships
Single & Dating
Cheating & affairs
Breaking up & Divorce
Reuniting loved ones
Soulmate Connections

Amelia's Testimonials

12 Dec 2022 @ 11:25

Great detailed reading, a lot of info. ️️️️️Read my mind! Thanks Amelia!

- Lara Keats

14 Dec 2022 @ 22:43

Good reading! Looking forward to what's ahead! thank you very much!! She mentioned some things in my situation that are already in place!

- Eva Fenston

19 Jan 2023 @ 10:22

Excellent reading! The delivery was so kind and warm! Thank you for the insight!! ️️️️️️️️

- Ana Sheriff

05 Feb 2023 @ 23:01

I just love her she is the best.. Amelia been with her for about 4 months now..I always come back to her. ..she is so caring..i am glad to meet her..I love the honesty even when it hurts. She is so accurate on everything she say

- Nanna Lorenzen

18 Jan 2024 @ 19:03

Prediction regarding my poi pass. He connected with me today. She was spot on with her prediction.

- Sarah

10 Dec 2022 @ 16:59

She’s is a real deal. She reads like a great Amelia. She reads with no judgement. Give her a try. She is well worth it.

- Emile

10 Dec 2022 @ 12:32

She has been guiding me for the last year. Very understanding and reassuring. Prediction has come to pass.. will chat again.

- Patricia

08 Dec 2022 @ 01:09

Thank you for always putting my mind at ease! Hoping for the best outcome for the future. Thanks again!

- Aarifa

14 Nov 2022 @ 08:39

She is amazing I highly recommend!

- Janet

07 Aug 2021 @ 00:16

Accurate reading she said they Same thing other people been saying to me I knew me and him was for eachother I felt it my Instant wasn’t wrong

- Keyera Frazier

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