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Terms and Conditions

Psychics Mobile & Web App Terms and Conditions

(Last updated on 19 March 2017)


Psychics Website and Mobile Applications are a service platform that allows users to chat & call with advisors via website or mobile application.

By accessing and using the Website, Mobile Application or Services You agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, do not use or access Websites or Mobile Applications.

You must be over 18 years of age to use our services.

We may change these terms from time to time, the updated terms will be available on this page. You should review terms each time you visit the Website or use Mobile Application.

1. Disclaimer

We do not offer any psychic services/advices on our own. We only provide a platform which allows users and advisor to communicate with each other.

You pay us a fee (per message) to use our platform to send message and receive reply from advisor. The content of your message and reply from advisor are not our concern and we are not responsible for the same in anyway whatsoever.

All advices provided by advisor are for entertainment purposes only and do not in any way constitute personal, legal, financial, medical or professional advice.

We do not offer any money refund if you are not happy with the content of advisor’s reply. As we have said above we are in no way responsible for the content of messages. WE ONLY PROVIDE A PLATFORM CONNECTING USERS AND ADVISOR.

We can only offer you message credit if you haven’t received replies from advisors. However please note that we can’t refund money.

By using our website/mobile apps you understand that you are not receiving any reading/advices from us directly.

Readings, advice or consultation provided by advisor are those of advisor and not our opinion. Advisor is not our employee and any conversation between you and an advisor is your and advisor’s responsibilities.

We do not have control over content of readings and messages exchanged between you and advisor. We are not liable for any loss or damage which may result from the content provided in a message.

Advisor on our network don't reply to questions related to:

- pregnancy, paternity, gender or any other medical conditions

- legal advice, criminal activities, drugs or any other law & order situation

- gambling tips, lottery etc.

2. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

3. Copyright

You cannot use, copy, publish the content (text, images, graphics, concept, animation, videos, APIs etc.) of our Websites, Mobile Applications in any form without our written consent. 

4. Registration, Account and Ban

You must be 18+ to register and use our services. Registration is free. We don't allow under 18 to use this app and if we find out you have lied your date of birth then we have no option to ban your account. 

We also ban users who violate our terms and conditions.

Your account can also be banned due to various other reasons:

- If you get refund from appstore/paypal/credit card companies and continue to use our app.

- If you intend to request refund from appstore/paypal/credit card companies after using our services.

- Rude, abusive & unreasonable behaviour

There is no refund whatsoever if your account is banned for violating our terms and conditions.

We can also ban your account without giving any reason whatsoever.

5. Terminations

We may terminate your services without any notice under following circumstances or otherwise if

- you have initiated Chargeback or Card Frauds or purchase frauds

- you have created multiple accounts

- you are under 18 years

- any attempt to promote competitor's website or services via any means

- you have asked for refund from appstore after using our services

6. Message, Cost & Length

An online advisor will reply to your message instantly IF THEY ARE ONLINE AND AVAILABLE. If they are online, then it doesn't mean they will reply instantly. They might be serving other clients for example.

There is no guarantee that an advisor will reply to your messages at all. You can delete unanswered messages to get back credit or request us for credit.

Please note that one day of delay is normal on our network as most of advisors log in once a day or so.

Each message costs £2.99 and each message can have maximum 300 characters.

7. Asking questions & Advisors’ Replies

You are advised to include as much details as possible in the question. E.g. name, date of birth etc.

Please do not disclose your contact details such as email or phone/mobile number or postal addresses in the message. We are not responsible for any damages due to disclosure of personal details in the messages.

Your questions must be clear enough so that advisor can understand and reply accordingly. We can’t credit your account if your questions are vague.

You are advised to ask specific question and ask for specific reply. We can’t offer any credit if your question is generic and you expect specific reply.

We do not allow advisors to ask or force for any personal reading/services beyond our network. If you receive any such request from advisor then inform us immediately via contact page.

8. Refund & Message Credit

Please note that we do not offer money refund in the case of delay in reply. Money refund is not in our hands. All money refunds are handled by respective app stores.

If you haven’t received replies, then you can delete unanswered messages to get back refund. You can request credit to support via contact page.

9. Testimonials/Feedback

Testimonials given to advisors are moderated and we reserve rights to not publish them if they are not appropriate. We will not publish testimonial if it

- contains a statement that you don’t like and advisor or her replies

- asks when you will get a reply

- queries about previously asked question

- contains statement that other advisors said something different

- complains about short reply

- contains details about your personal life, circumstances or any reference to any other person

If you ask yes/no sort of question, then expect short replies.

10. Security & Confidentiality

We endeavour to provide a secure platform as much as we can however we do not guarantee that platform is 100% secure. We do not encrypt end to end data. We do not offer any guarantee against hack/theft of personal data/messages or confidentiality breach.

We do not store your card details on our servers as transactions are handled by app stores or payment processors.

Contacting Us

Please use contact support page to contact us.