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Love & Relationship Specialist, I reunite lovers.

I’m an experienced & gifted 4th generation psychic. I was trained in chakras, Kundalini, Third Eye and many other aspects of spiritual powers. I’m here to help you in love, relationships, soulmates, twin flames, career, finance and any other areas of your life. I do not sugar coat, I offer honest and non-judgemental reading. 


Mediumship & Spirit World Connections
Crystal Ball
Twin Flames
Dream Interpretation
Angel Card
Tarot Reading
Lost Object
Love & Relationship
Past Life
Same Sex Relationships
Single & Dating
Cheating & affairs
Breaking up & Divorce
Reuniting loved ones
Soulmate Connections

Sheela's Testimonials

23 Sep 2021 @ 21:13

She’s was right about me and Antonio we definitely do still love eachother we was eachother first love even tho we was young true love never go away

- Keyera Frazier

13 Feb 2021 @ 00:23

Accurate and clear reading.

- Khanyi

18 Jun 2020 @ 16:43

I really feel a connection with Sheela. She answers very clearly and is quick to respond!! Part of her predictions have come true thus far and I am hoping the rest follow very soon!!

- Shawnda Morgan

06 Nov 2019 @ 10:46

I have high hopes in her words but there is triple d times of anxiety & doubt.Hope her words does not fail my future.God,pls be with me.

- Kripa

18 Apr 2019 @ 17:06

I am sorry Sheila. I don't think you connected accurately with my situation because I just saw him a couple of days ago and he is definitely not being unfaithful. Also your response was written in a very curt manner. thanks anyways.

- Dilanthy

29 Mar 2019 @ 07:44

Sheela is the best truly pyschic.Accurate prediction!!

- Keflee

31 Aug 2018 @ 06:58

prediction didnt came to pass :/

- Yaj

16 Jul 2018 @ 14:31

I got her reading today. I'm just dumbfounded to read what she had said me.There is no chance for what she said to happen.I wish n hope what she said should happen,but hope only builts castles in air. I will write here the day when what she said happens.

- Kripa

19 Jun 2018 @ 08:42

Ok dear thanks i wil pray all goes well plz pray for me too god bless

- Faith

18 Jun 2018 @ 08:17

Dear its 1 month finishing on 21 can you plz update me abt it thanks god bless

- Faith

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