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04 Dec 2023 @ 10:26

I asked several questions and he took hours to reply only to not answer any of my questions. this psychic wasted my credits and my time.

- serenity

23 Apr 2023 @ 16:04

He is nice and seem to really care about his clients. I hope I get my answers soon, may he help we win in life.

- Alba

10 Dec 2022 @ 21:59

Love and thank you so much always!! She picks up on everything!! I appreciate you very much!!️️️️️

- Emma Fysh

10 Dec 2022 @ 21:59

Always in tune with my situation and always a great insight and clarity! Never lets me down! So accurate! So kind!

- Danielle Collier

12 Dec 2022 @ 11:25

Great detailed reading, a lot of info. ️️️️️Read my mind! Thanks Amelia!

- Lara Keats

13 Dec 2022 @ 10:59

Love my readings with Sheela. She so in tune and accurate! Please give her a try. She is awesome.

- Elizabeth Dunlap

14 Dec 2022 @ 09:43

Thank you for the detailed reading. Sorry I ran out of the cash. I'll be back soom for more readings.

- Asta Thorsen

14 Dec 2022 @ 22:43

Good reading! Looking forward to what's ahead! thank you very much!! She mentioned some things in my situation that are already in place!

- Eva Fenston

30 Dec 2022 @ 09:44

I am always feeling better after a reading with Sheela. She is accurate. I would read with her again, I highly recommend her.

- Leila Alves

19 Jan 2023 @ 10:22

Excellent reading! The delivery was so kind and warm! Thank you for the insight!! ️️️️️️️️

- Ana Sheriff

10 Dec 2022 @ 18:59

Thank you you're amazing and very insightful! Many blessings to you!️️️️️

- Samantha

05 Feb 2023 @ 22:55

Very detailed reading!! She is so wonderful!

- Jane

05 Feb 2023 @ 23:01

I just love her she is the best.. Amelia been with her for about 4 months now..I always come back to her. ..she is so caring..i am glad to meet her..I love the honesty even when it hurts. She is so accurate on everything she say

- Nanna Lorenzen

25 Jun 2023 @ 12:38

She was very good and clear. Thank you! A+++

- Eden Gair

17 Jan 2024 @ 10:26

Amazing reading!!! She really is that good. She connects really well and give you the guidance you need. Love her and her insight . Highly recommend!!! Amazing!!!

- Marina Sousa

18 Jan 2024 @ 19:03

Prediction regarding my poi pass. He connected with me today. She was spot on with her prediction.

- Sarah

10 Dec 2022 @ 16:59

Thank you for the reading!! You knew exactly what was going on in my situation. This gives me a good perspective as to how the situation has gone. I would definitely recommend a reading with Sheela.

- Malene Holst

10 Dec 2022 @ 16:59

I just want you to know. You were right all these years! I need to do things right now. This is a life time tune reading. I will listen to you and try not to stress. Thank you I don’t think I’ll make any decisions without thinking of doing this.

- Amy

10 Dec 2022 @ 16:59

She’s is a real deal. She reads like a great Amelia. She reads with no judgement. Give her a try. She is well worth it.

- Emile

10 Dec 2022 @ 15:59

Thank you I am happy to see the progress on what is to come with us. Love always! -BESSING

- Camilla