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18 Aug 2018 @ 11:10

Thank you so much!

- Ditte

17 Aug 2018 @ 18:37

thanks for the amazing reading I will come back to you for more reading in the feature

- Lupe

17 Aug 2018 @ 11:34

Awesome reading and great insights hopefully to come true in future

- Sherine

17 Aug 2018 @ 00:48

wow he provided with me with so much information and detail that i feel very positve about the future.

- Yaj

16 Aug 2018 @ 09:18

thanks love u answered every question

- Brittany

15 Aug 2018 @ 12:53

Thank you for your reading again. :)

- Nanthini

15 Aug 2018 @ 05:56

wow he blew my mind and so accurate with details i love it!!!

- Yaj

14 Aug 2018 @ 10:47

Positive reading and detailed. Highly recommended!

- Nanthini

09 Aug 2018 @ 17:25

Amelia tells the truth doesn’t sugarcoat

- Faith

05 Aug 2018 @ 06:49

Kind of answered my questions but would have liked more detail, very vague on "some months". I don't think it was worth £4.99 for the question.

- Laura

05 Aug 2018 @ 02:35

I am highly disappointed with the reading. I tried getting reading from him twice. I thought that the readings would have been detailed. However it was short. My questions were not answered. I am unhappy with this App. Too expensive and the readings are not worth it. Deleting this app.

- Nanthini

04 Aug 2018 @ 11:57

She is amazing I keep coming to Sandy as she is truly a genuine psychic that is very gifted with a special heart and very caring. I am so glad I decided to get a reading by Sandy a true blessing

- Linda

02 Aug 2018 @ 20:39

Sorry, but your answer is so unclear. You answerd with questions back to me....and not really explained or said anything. Like "why do you think" ...can you possibly refrase that and give me the anwser...with who is the person ypu were talking about as i mentioned two in my question.

- Laura

02 Aug 2018 @ 15:47

Absolutely amazing she’s the boom wow just listening to her helped a lot very gifted she knew exactly my situation God bless you and the work you do

- Linda

30 Jul 2018 @ 19:55

Thanks you for the reassurance! You are right.

- star

29 Jul 2018 @ 06:40

thank you for another detail reading! physic s bright is my go to physic he doesnt sugarcoat always tell you the truth!!

- Yaj

28 Jul 2018 @ 04:58

She connected very well with me because what she said to me is very true!

- star

25 Jul 2018 @ 05:56

im kinda confused i didnt get a timeframe and not enough details. sorry

- Yaj

24 Jul 2018 @ 19:17

Thank you for wonderful reading! your sweet nice and awesome to talk too thank you!!! sending you love and blessing

- Yaj

24 Jul 2018 @ 12:34

He gave me 2 different answers. One day I’ll be dating a guy I know, next thing I know forget the past cause it’ll be someone new

- Bre