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08 Jul 2018 @ 14:01

great insight well see if timeframe for this month comes through

- Shorty

08 Jul 2018 @ 13:06

Nice bt predictions didnt pass

- Faith

08 Jul 2018 @ 13:05

Nice bt prediction s didnt pass

- Faith

07 Jul 2018 @ 02:55

Love, could you please provide a more detailed reading on these feelings that you are picking up? A little disappointed at the lack of details for the money spent.

- Nanthini

06 Jul 2018 @ 01:39

He is most honeslty great physic reader ever! he was spot on with my problems gave me alot of details! you guys try him i promise you you wont be disssapointed! will be back again!

- Yaj

01 Jul 2018 @ 21:33

Thank you for your honest reading love! ❤

- Yaj

01 Jul 2018 @ 01:25

Wow, she blew me away. She deserves more than 5 stars

- Mel

01 Jul 2018 @ 01:19

WOW. She picked up alot with only a name and dob and she responds fast and gives detail. So far she is the best on here to me

- Mel

29 Jun 2018 @ 03:46

I like her. she is the only one on here that picked up the real situation, not just giving me a response based on my question. she takes hella long to respond, but she us good when she does

- Mel

28 Jun 2018 @ 20:17

Wow Shena really gave me one of the best readings I’ve had in a while. She was very detailed and reassuring! So excited to see when her predictions come to pass. It’s readers like this who make me confident about spending 5 dollars a question! Thanks Shena you’re amazing!

- Melissa

28 Jun 2018 @ 04:59

Omggg shena everything is going so well I'm so happy! !!THANKS so much I would keep you posted

- Chantal

27 Jun 2018 @ 04:17

Thaklnk you. You picked up on a woman with bad energy around him and you are right. You see him coming to his senses, I hope so too.

- Mel

25 Jun 2018 @ 07:11

Great reading, paying 5 dollars per question wish she would have gave more details..

- Melissa

25 Jun 2018 @ 03:41

very GOOD she super fast she the best :)very very special hard to find and a reader I'm so happy with the reading so awesome! !!

- Chantal

25 Jun 2018 @ 03:34

OMG shena she awsome this my first time having a reading with her !!! I order 3 more from her she so spot on its crazy awesome! !!! she super fast !!! she would not let you down she connect to me i will use her for now on !!!! this is the very best READING I had by Far in 2018!!!!! I'm so thankful for your time and ENGERY thanks again for everything your a God sent for me !!!!!! I'm glad YOUR on this site GOD bless you love and LIGHT! !!!:)

- Chantal

23 Jun 2018 @ 15:20

Thank you for your time! I will be patient.

- Ditte

23 Jun 2018 @ 01:36

Wow!!!! Sheena is amazing she truly cares for her clients she's very honest and insightful very nice!!!!

- Alexis

22 Jun 2018 @ 22:29

Straight to the point very insghtful, nice, and honest!!!

- Alexis

22 Jun 2018 @ 07:22

Very nice and helpful in my situation!!!

- Alexis

20 Jun 2018 @ 11:51

My god she was so accurate, picked up with whatever little information I gave to her. Thank you very much!

- Liyah