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30 Dec 2017 @ 14:23

Accurate! Very good reading

- Amy Urciuoli

29 Dec 2017 @ 23:28

Wow she was very accurate, reading came true definitely recommend her!!!

- Tiffany

29 Dec 2017 @ 23:25

I love speaking with Sheela. She's so kind & quick with her responses. So far all her readings have been good.

- Sylvia

29 Dec 2017 @ 14:45

Amelia was Great! She answer all my questions know to let things fall into place let things play out praying for the Best outcome! Blessings Amelia thank you!

- Jessica

29 Dec 2017 @ 00:06

OMG! She read my past life as she is reading a book. I never had any more clear reading from any other psychics.

- Anya

28 Dec 2017 @ 23:38

Amelia is very fast, accurate and gives detailed reading. she answers all questions. She is imply amazing. def recommended.

- Mona

27 Dec 2017 @ 22:23

She is amazing, she impressed me with the reading. I only gave her my name & dob and she was able to pick up easily about my past and told me what was so true. Thanks for reading Amelia!

- Victoria

25 Dec 2017 @ 01:56

Candy is the best all her predictions came true it took some time to happen but in the end it did happen like i said she is the best. Candy wish i can send you a message as i really need to know what is happening but i don’t have any credit until 2 weeks

- Linda

24 Dec 2017 @ 23:29

i have genuinely done many psychic readings online and app . however , lisa has been my favourite as she really predicts with accuracy and honesty. i would totally recommend and will keep contacting lisa as my only trusted pshycic now whenever i need a psychic consultation.

- Nia Dewan

24 Dec 2017 @ 17:12

You're so sweet. I look forward to your timeframe which you have mentioned. God bless you Amelia. Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year!

- Martha

21 Dec 2017 @ 15:23

Amelia is so sweet I felt so relaxed after chatting with her. She is assuring, she listen problems carefully and gives straight answers without sugar-coating. She was spot on when she predicted he will contact me today, he did. God bless you Amelia!

- Erika

21 Dec 2017 @ 00:33

Her predictions come to pass today. She is the best psychic.

- Morgan

19 Dec 2017 @ 23:58

OMG! She told me my past even though I didn't tell her anything at all. I asked her to read my love life and she just read my past like a book. She is truly gifted. She was so accurate with her reading. Can't wait for prediction to pass.

- Angela

19 Dec 2017 @ 23:56

Thank you my dear Candy for soothing my anxiety. You are really a nice person ❤️❤️❤️

- Roaa

19 Dec 2017 @ 06:00

I love her! I asked her a question and she got back to me within 5 minutes! She’s honest and caring!

- Sarah

17 Dec 2017 @ 05:42

Candy is truly the best i have been doing readings with her almost 1 year and she has always been accurate and right all along yes it does take time but eventually it will happen everything that she predicted did come true nit right away but it did happen as she said it would truly amazing and the best

- Linda

16 Dec 2017 @ 02:59

Julie, took the time to listen and gave feedback and at the same time was concerned about my feelings as well. I hope what she has given me is truly what will happen and what will be best for me.

- Jani

13 Dec 2017 @ 09:43

Thank you candy for the nice reading. I will wait for things that you predicted. Blessings

- Roaa

13 Dec 2017 @ 09:40

Thank you Katey for the reading, i will wait for things to happen as you said .

- Roaa

12 Dec 2017 @ 09:04

She was amazing ! I definitely recommend going to her , she knew my situation without me going into detail.

- Jaclyn Martinez