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14 Nov 2017 @ 23:23

Very sweet and humble spot on without me giving her much info.

- Alexis

25 Oct 2017 @ 12:00

OMG!!! Lisa was so accurate with my past life. Her predictions also come true. She was detailed in her reading and gave me clear insights on what is going to happen with a timeframe. It just came to PASS. She is the best psychic on this app.

- Lei

19 Oct 2017 @ 14:43

this woman knew everything about the guy I asked about with only telling her dob!! Simply amazing!!


16 Oct 2017 @ 15:09

Lisa is amazing!!! She was accurate about my past and even though I was absolutely heartbroken about what she had to say I thank her for being honest with me.

- Shamika

15 Oct 2017 @ 21:28

Mind-blowing predictions. She just told me the past which was so accurate. I'm waiting for her predictions to come true. Thank you Lisa from bottom of my heart.

- Pamela

14 Oct 2017 @ 23:39

OMG! her prediction was so accurate. She said he will contact me on Saturday and he did. Thank you Lisa.

- Jhilan

12 Oct 2017 @ 17:41

She is so sweet and fast and accurate Thank you Sabrina sooo...much for giving me clarity I didn't get to say THANK YOU!!!! But I definitely will be back.

- Alexis

06 Oct 2017 @ 00:48

Hi candy I hope that you are right that I will have a family one day with the guy I love but me and him are not together yet you told me in my last reading I will be hearing from him soon I waiting for that to happen.

- Raquel

30 Sep 2017 @ 00:22

Thank you

- Dee

29 Sep 2017 @ 02:30

Hi katey you are right there is a disconnect between me and him I hope that he does contact me like you said.

- Raquel

27 Sep 2017 @ 05:44

she's awesome and very true to what she says

- Lupe

26 Sep 2017 @ 20:18

picked up on whats going on,very reassuring.

- Dee

23 Sep 2017 @ 16:19

very quick,sweet and reassuring.Bless!

- Dee

20 Sep 2017 @ 22:44

thank you for your reading

- Lupe

18 Sep 2017 @ 22:54

Prediction come to PASS!!! She was helpful and calmed me down. Picked up situation very well even with little information I provided.

- Anne Reyes

18 Sep 2017 @ 17:52

very sweet and fast about answering back now just have to wait and see what happens thanks

- Lupe

15 Sep 2017 @ 20:19

She is straight to the point, no sugarcoating. Her prediction pass.

- Angel Dios

14 Sep 2017 @ 22:58

Sabrina is amazing! She is positive and confident in her readings. She replies quickly and is always there to help.

- Melanie Current

14 Sep 2017 @ 22:57

really sweet and fast at getting back to me thank you

- Lupe

14 Sep 2017 @ 18:52

Sabrina is god gifted psychic, her predictions came true.

- Ramu