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13 Jan 2018 @ 22:17

Tiffany is spot on and has a genuine gift ! Thankyou so much !

- Amanda Bouthiller

12 Jan 2018 @ 17:42

Hi Sheela. Read your reviews, seems great, Please answer my question too, I need help.

- Shruti Singh

11 Jan 2018 @ 21:36

she was very helpful, will definitely be back, she is on point almost everything thank you candy I hope everything you said comes true!!!!

- Anthony

11 Jan 2018 @ 21:24

Julie was very nice gave me hope when I had none I hope what she was saying comes true

- Anthony

11 Jan 2018 @ 21:23

Julie was very nice she gave me some hope when I had none

- Anthony

07 Jan 2018 @ 18:13

Such a beautiful caring soul. I’m praying everything you say it true. I’m hopeful that it will be. Thank you for taking time out to bless me ❤️

- Amanda Bouthiller

06 Jan 2018 @ 03:54

Thank you so much candy I will wait for this predictions happend and wait and see. I will contact you when I can I ran out of min will talk to you soon.

- Jasmine

04 Jan 2018 @ 23:11

Sheela has been consistent with her reading. Her prediction finally pass. We are back together. She is the best psychic on this app.

- Shanice

04 Jan 2018 @ 01:52

sabrina picked up on alot of things, compassionate and detailed reading .

- Nia Dewan

02 Jan 2018 @ 14:36

Thanks Sheela

- Amanda

02 Jan 2018 @ 02:55

Wow! I am so blown away. Her prediction was the same as a different psychic who I trust a lot on another site. Katey you truly have a gift and I will come back to tell you the good news in feb! Thank you so much!

- Amanda Bouthiller

02 Jan 2018 @ 00:39

Mind-blowing predictions came true. She said he will take me out for NYE dinner and he did. We spend lovely night together and we are moving in together next week. I'll comeback to her always.

- Marina

01 Jan 2018 @ 08:10

She is so sweet and nice and is very quick in her responses. I'll see how everything pans out thank you Sheela!!!!

- Alexis

01 Jan 2018 @ 08:10

Thank you.i will call you later

- Amanda

31 Dec 2017 @ 22:15

I’m buying more credit so we can talk longer.wait little bit,I got problem in iphoneX

- Amanda

31 Dec 2017 @ 17:10

Sheela is so gifted. She said he will contact me today and he did n asked me out. We are going to celebrate new year's eve together.

- Sandra

31 Dec 2017 @ 14:33

Sorry I run out of credit.i will buy again..I love talking to you because I feel relax and calm

- Amanda

31 Dec 2017 @ 00:41

She is so sweet and lovely lady. Great insights into my love life. Tx

- Melanie

30 Dec 2017 @ 19:22

Wait Sheela I will buy credit again.hope all good because Apple giving me problem in purchasing credit.wish me luck

- Amanda

30 Dec 2017 @ 16:45

Holy Shiva! Her third eye is open and she can see thru my life like it was her own life flashing before her eyes. She is true Indian mystic who has supernatural powers and ability to see past present and future. I'm so shocked she is a genuine Indian mystic & psychic. Absolutely recommended!!!

- Priya Dutta