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26 Apr 2018 @ 15:30

She knows Alot :)

- Faith

20 Apr 2018 @ 13:52

She is so accurate and detailed

- Faith

17 Apr 2018 @ 15:29

Very deatiled response

- Faith

14 Apr 2018 @ 12:27

Lisa is very sweet

- Faith

09 Apr 2018 @ 20:48

Sheela was spot on with prediction which passed.

- Barbara

08 Apr 2018 @ 10:05

I dnt have credit to ask you questions atm, bt hope everything u said fall into place, thank you

- Faith

08 Apr 2018 @ 09:33

Katey is awesome. I was blown away by her reading. I have chatted with her twice already and I will continue to chat with her. she gave me encouragement and tools to use. she said my book will be part of the success of me becoming a better version of me. thanks Katey.

- Latoya

04 Apr 2018 @ 16:39

Hello List you forgot to reply my last message, please do so.

- Lucy

03 Apr 2018 @ 16:31

She is the real deal. One prediction pass. Will update when another passes.

- Rodina

03 Apr 2018 @ 13:04

She is the best, her predictions are so accurate.

- Maya

03 Apr 2018 @ 13:03

She put my mind at ease.

- Morgan

02 Apr 2018 @ 04:32

She’s very encouraging I love how she doesn’t give time frames!! All others are always wrong on their time frames! That’s in god plan! And candy is loving and I am praying her predications come to pass

- Vann

31 Mar 2018 @ 15:51

Thank you for reading, I can't wait for it to pass.

- Lucy

29 Mar 2018 @ 12:33

Her answers are very detailed.

- Liyah

29 Mar 2018 @ 12:11

Holy cow! she was so accurate with her prediction.

- Maya

29 Mar 2018 @ 12:04

She was fast in replying, gave me answer for every question I asked. She is amazing.

- Susan

27 Mar 2018 @ 18:49

Very patient, descriptive, no question is silly question for her and she knows a lot!

- Faith

26 Mar 2018 @ 20:24

Love Love Love.Candy she is the best. Candy please.i don't have but.i saw your mesaage and i jave to.wait to gey credit but olease tell what u mediate as i am getting worried with your last message

- Linda

25 Mar 2018 @ 13:19

Noes as accurate as her

- Faith

25 Mar 2018 @ 08:46

Nice but not sure. Said I'd meet someone new in March but when it didn't happen told me I wouldn't meet someone until 5 years later. Basically said I'd be single for the next 5 years. I feel like she's not truthful and changed her timeframe out of nowhere to avoid receiving a bad review. Other psychics i really trust such as Katey and Tiffany are very detailed &gave me very specific time frames within the year. Julie is ruining my manifestation process,actually made me cry, and caused me to lose some hope. Reaches out to me but feel like it's because she wants me to spend more. Won't be contacting again. Feel like I wasted my money sorry.

- Alice