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Love & Relationship Specialist

Hi I'm a 3rd generation natural born clairvoyant psychic reader I have a little over 20 years experience I can tell past,present and future connecting to your energy allows me to offer you a very detailed  Reading  I specialize in love and relationship but can also focus on all matters of life concerning love,career,friends and family I can give  you the guidance that you are looking for in your time of need I'm here to help Guide you on the path that has been truly meant for you there can be a positive outcome in a negative situation and I can help get you to the point of making the right decision in order for there to be a positive outcome!


Love & Relationship
Soulmate Connections
Reuniting loved ones
Breaking up & Divorce
Cheating & affairs
Single & Dating
Same Sex Relationships
Tarot Reading
Angel Card
Twin Flames

Julie's Testimonials

22 May 2018 @ 14:42

Hey dear dnt have credit to inbox u,i m trying to be positive thanks :)

- Faith

25 Mar 2018 @ 06:46

Nice but not sure. Said I'd meet someone new in March but when it didn't happen told me I wouldn't meet someone until 5 years later. Basically said I'd be single for the next 5 years. I feel like she's not truthful and changed her timeframe out of nowhere to avoid receiving a bad review. Other psychics i really trust such as Katey and Tiffany are very detailed &gave me very specific time frames within the year. Julie is ruining my manifestation process,actually made me cry, and caused me to lose some hope. Reaches out to me but feel like it's because she wants me to spend more. Won't be contacting again. Feel like I wasted my money sorry.

- Alice

21 Mar 2018 @ 08:25

Is gentle and even msgd and checked on me god bless u

- Faith

20 Mar 2018 @ 09:39

Julie is so patient and lovely

- Faith

15 Mar 2018 @ 20:08

thank you, thank you, thank you for calming my nerves i will let you know what happens

- Jennifer

15 Mar 2018 @ 17:04

Julie is really awesome, accurate and thorough. I asked about a new guy and she knew right away that we hadn’t known each other that long without me telling her. She gave me really good insight into what he was thinking, feeling and what was going on in his life. It all made sense and made me feel so much better. She also gave me advice on how to handle the situation. She is legit! Definitely recommend

- Kate

11 Jan 2018 @ 20:24

Julie was very nice gave me hope when I had none I hope what she was saying comes true

- Anthony

11 Jan 2018 @ 20:23

Julie was very nice she gave me some hope when I had none

- Anthony

16 Dec 2017 @ 01:59

Julie, took the time to listen and gave feedback and at the same time was concerned about my feelings as well. I hope what she has given me is truly what will happen and what will be best for me.

- Jani

28 Nov 2017 @ 21:47

I didn't give Julie much information in regards to myself and the topic in question but she was pinpointing exactly who was in my heart and mind. I'm amazed at her accuracy. Thank you Julie

- Andrea Budhu

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