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Warm And Compassionate Listening, Here For You Today

Lisa is a caring listener with experience of helping others with their issues for over 20 years. Lisa is able to make you feel very comfortable and nothing is too big a problem for her.  With much experience in many life problems Lisa is able to understand and relate to your issues quickly and efficiently,  her subjects are in sexual and emotional issues.


Crystal Ball
Twin Flames
Dream Interpretation
Angel Card
Tarot Reading
Lost Object
Love & Relationship
Past Life
Same Sex Relationships
Single & Dating
Cheating & affairs
Breaking up & Divorce
Reuniting loved ones
Soulmate Connections

Lisa's Testimonials

20 Mar 2018 @ 14:55

Lisa is the best psychics on this app. Her predictions always pass.

- Lucy

19 Mar 2018 @ 18:33

She was accurate with timeframe prediction pass

- Angela

26 Feb 2018 @ 04:07

Lisa said we will reconnect I’m waiting to see if his come back to the house but one thing he called his father and wanted to see me on FaceTime but I said no if he really wana see me and talk to me he haves to come see me. But I feel like he try to come back because he has the keys to my house. But Lisa your a loving and carding person I’m still waiting on your predictions to come to pass still waiting. All of the pychics said the same that he will come back let’s just see.

- Jasmine

06 Feb 2018 @ 15:00

She is so sweet. Her predictions were so accurate. She said he will contact me next week and he did. Her prediction about my job change also pass.

- Louise

01 Feb 2018 @ 19:01

Lisa is so sweet and considerate. She gives most accurate advice and offers her help. Her predictions have been all spot on so far. All predictions pass.

- Aga

24 Dec 2017 @ 23:29

i have genuinely done many psychic readings online and app . however , lisa has been my favourite as she really predicts with accuracy and honesty. i would totally recommend and will keep contacting lisa as my only trusted pshycic now whenever i need a psychic consultation.

- Nia Dewan

11 Dec 2017 @ 23:54

OMG! She knew my past even if I didn't tell anything about myself. She was spot on with all my past life. He prediction regarding my bf came true. She is my favorite now!!!

- Cindy

30 Nov 2017 @ 00:08

OMG! Lisa you were so correct with prediction that he will call me today. Guess what he called me today and apologised over his behavior. We are together now. Thanks for your support!

- Amie

29 Nov 2017 @ 23:33

What’s funny is that, on November 18, you said he isn’t in the mood to see me & you said to move on & the other girl was creeping turns out, the reason why i missed seeing him at class that day is cause he was in the bathroom & we end up talking, also he is going to the trip with me.

- Michele

26 Nov 2017 @ 00:13

Lisa is so amazing, she knew my past and surprised me with the details even though I didn't ask. Her predictions were spot on. She told the he is dating other girl and bingo I just found out he was indeed. Love you Lisa.

- Liyah

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