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Psychic S Bright

Psychic S Bright


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God gifted psychic!

I'm a natural born God gifted psychic. I have been doing this for 8 years. I help people all around the world get back on the right path... no job too big or too small. I help in all matters of life, including love, relationships, money, career, business, family, friends, about died people, sex education, children, remove negative spells, mind reading, heart feeling, and so much more. Are you confused about a person you love and care for? Do you want to know if he or she is your soulmate or if he or she is cheating on you? Don't wait any longer!


Love & Relationship
Tarot Reading
Angel Card
Dream Interpretation
Twin Flames
Crystal Ball
Lost Object
Past Life
Soulmate Connections
Reuniting loved ones
Breaking up & Divorce
Cheating & affairs
Single & Dating
Same Sex Relationships
Mediumship & Spirit World Connections

Psychic S Bright's Testimonials

23 Sep 2018 @ 21:06

prediction never came to pass in the time frame provided. But I appreciate the reading and have faith it will. thanks.

- Alice

05 Aug 2018 @ 06:49

Kind of answered my questions but would have liked more detail, very vague on "some months". I don't think it was worth £4.99 for the question.

- Laura

05 Aug 2018 @ 02:35

I am highly disappointed with the reading. I tried getting reading from him twice. I thought that the readings would have been detailed. However it was short. My questions were not answered. I am unhappy with this App. Too expensive and the readings are not worth it. Deleting this app.

- Nanthini

30 Jul 2018 @ 19:55

Thanks you for the reassurance! You are right.

- star

29 Jul 2018 @ 06:40

thank you for another detail reading! physic s bright is my go to physic he doesnt sugarcoat always tell you the truth!!

- Yaj

22 Jul 2018 @ 20:08

Terrible! I genuinely have no idea what this man was talking about. Kept talking about stars..

- Bre

06 Jul 2018 @ 01:39

He is most honeslty great physic reader ever! he was spot on with my problems gave me alot of details! you guys try him i promise you you wont be disssapointed! will be back again!

- Yaj

22 Jun 2018 @ 07:22

Very nice and helpful in my situation!!!

- Alexis

19 May 2018 @ 23:28

Thanks sounds great if u can plz inbox that predictions are stil the same and havnt changed plz!thank you god bless

- Faith

15 May 2018 @ 22:46

Thank you. Very helpful and insightful

- star

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