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Honest Direct Psychic. Love Specialist. Get The Truth With Accurate Specific Timeframes.

I am a third-generation clairvoyant, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I am an empath spiritual healer and advisor with over ten years of experience and providing detailed and accurate readings. Also, mastering the arts of tarot card reading also studying spiritual arts. My whole life this has been passed on to me this is my true destiny in life I must use it to help others bring love and light into their life.

I do not sugar-coat my readings I am a very honest and direct reader. I take my work very seriously. I am very passionate about what I do all my readings are very confidential. I also provide timeline predictions in all my readings I am the type of advisor who knows that the truth well set you free with my gift I am able to do so my readings are life changing using my tools to help guide my clients to unlock their full  potential  is what my reading style is all about I specialize in all matters of the heart I am a love specialist  no question is too big or too small for me using my God given natural born abilities also using my tools to answer all questions including  career, finances, lost objects, Dream Analysis, family, friends, past lives,  spiritual well-being, and much more.


Past Life
Crystal Ball
Twin Flames
Dream Interpretation
Tarot Reading
Lost Object
Love & Relationship
Same Sex Relationships
Single & Dating
Cheating & affairs
Breaking up & Divorce
Reuniting loved ones
Soulmate Connections

Katey's Testimonials

29 Mar 2019 @ 02:43

Where Are You?????Please come back!!!so far your reading is the most accurate!!!!

- Keflee

29 Jun 2018 @ 03:46

I like her. she is the only one on here that picked up the real situation, not just giving me a response based on my question. she takes hella long to respond, but she us good when she does

- Mel

27 Jun 2018 @ 04:17

Thaklnk you. You picked up on a woman with bad energy around him and you are right. You see him coming to his senses, I hope so too.

- Mel

10 Jun 2018 @ 04:36

Katey was right about the rebirthing taking place in my life. I can now say that I am 7 weeks pregnant. she is so helpful in her reading. one day I hope I will talk on the phone with her.

- Latoya

08 Apr 2018 @ 09:33

Katey is awesome. I was blown away by her reading. I have chatted with her twice already and I will continue to chat with her. she gave me encouragement and tools to use. she said my book will be part of the success of me becoming a better version of me. thanks Katey.

- Latoya

08 Feb 2018 @ 05:25

Katey is such a compassionate reader. she does not sugar coat anything and tells you the truth on what you need to hear. she goes very in depth with her readings and is truly gifted when it comes to connecting to your spiritual energy. I was able to change by loving myself and acknowledging self worth and move forward because of her insight. thank you so much Katey!

- Alice

02 Jan 2018 @ 02:55

Wow! I am so blown away. Her prediction was the same as a different psychic who I trust a lot on another site. Katey you truly have a gift and I will come back to tell you the good news in feb! Thank you so much!

- Amanda Bouthiller

13 Dec 2017 @ 09:40

Thank you Katey for the reading, i will wait for things to happen as you said .

- Roaa

29 Sep 2017 @ 02:30

Hi katey you are right there is a disconnect between me and him I hope that he does contact me like you said.

- Raquel

20 Sep 2017 @ 22:44

thank you for your reading

- Lupe

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